1. All Cooperators must register on PSL website and create a username.
  2. All Cooperators for verification and validation purposes must use their recent picture on profile on the platform and send a form of identification (International passport, National ID, Driver's Licence, Voter's Card) when requested via a secured private message to any of the PSL Admin(s) or Leadman.
  3. Terms are binding on both sides (PSL & COOPERATORS). The slot will run for a fixed period of (30months) with Cooperators getting a 10% monthly dividend for the saved value to earn back both capital and dividends of 300%. Alternatively,fix your savings on a long term to get 150% total dividends payable at once after 10 months.
  4. PSL guarantees ONLY the remaining balance of your deposited savings less the amount of monthly dividends/empowerments you have received in any case of eventualities beyond our control.
  5. Every change in policy by our transacting banks or financial regulatory bodies and decisions reached by the management to meet such dynamics will be binding on all cooperators.
  6. Cooperators are allowed to deposit multiple savings without restrictions.
  7. Henceforth no request of deposited funds will be entertained by the management of PSL from a cooperator who has received dividends for at least six months.
  8. In the event of an unavoidable withdrawal of deposits or savings with PSL by a Cooperator, who has not received up to six month dividends and wishes to discontinue with PSL cooperative society, such person's request will be honoured after 60 days of request, with a surcharge of 10% to 20%.
  9. Cooperators are encouraged to share success stories and invite others to join us confidently.
  10. Cooperators MUST not share any third party or company communications, advertisement, promotions other than that of PSL and helpful tips to encourage fellow cooperators or prospects on the platform. Failure to comply will result in eviction from the platform.
  11. A PSL Administrator has the right to remove ANYBODY from the platform, following breach of conditions or unacceptable behaviour. PSL respects your custom and would expect such to be reciprocated to all her Administrator or Representatives or fellow Cooperators.
  12. In PSL, everyone is treated equally. We all earn on the same level. You earn based on your own personal deposit(s).
  13. In PSL, we value your trust and privacy and we will ensure your data is protected.
  14. All funds must be paid into PSL designated accounts as we will not be liable for any deposit made into individual accounts.
  15. In the event of death,if the deceased Cooperator still have monthly benefits accruing to his/her saving(s),PSL will continue payments of such benefits monthly for d stipulated time,ONLY to his/her stated NEXT OF KIN on our records.
  16. All PSL terms and conditions are subject to reviews as and when necessary.