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  1. All Stakeholders must register on PSL website and create a username.
  2. All Stakeholders, for verification and validation purposes must use their recent picture on profile on the platform and send a form of identification (Int'l passport,National ID, Drivers Licence, Voter's Card) when requested via a secured private message to any of the PSL Admin(s) or Leadman.
  3. Contract terms are binding on both sides (PSL & STAKEHOLDERS). The investment will run for the fixed period (15 months) with no changes to the agreed interest percentage (ROI) during the tenure. (20%) = 300% aftermath.
  4. Stakeholders are allowed multiple investments but cannot add to existing investment,all investments and payouts stands alone.
  5. Stakeholders must always acknowledge monthly ROI received via the chat room as TESTIMONIAL, PSL Facebook page,our chatrooms and website. – To validate the PSL fulfilment of contract terms.
  6. Stakeholders can earn multiple referral bonus with no cap/limit set on 5% value of any referred sum. Please note, referral bonus is only earned as a one off for each prospect who invested, using your referral link.
  7. Any liquidation request by Stakeholders must be communicated at least 7working days ahead – No withdrawal charges will apply. Only capital invested will be treated.
  8. Stakeholders are encouraged to share success stories and invite others to join us confidently
  9. Stakeholders MUST not share any third party or company communications,advertisement, promotions other than that of PSL and helpful tips to encourage investors or prospects on the platform. Failure to comply will result in eviction from the platform.
  10. PSL admin has the right to remove ANYBODY following breach of conditions or unacceptable behaviour. PSL respects your custom and would expect such to be reciprocated to her admin or representatives or fellow Stakeholders.
  11. All Stakeholders must note that PSL is Christian organisation and has a mission with a vision to impact lives hence complies with the principle of giving back. Tithe on your profits(only) will be deducted monthly at source without exceptions. This will be used to augment care for the needy,welfare of our members,sort emergencies as Soft loans and support for those who are working for PSL but have no other job. Reach outs to kids with health challenges,school fees,food and orphanage homes.
  12. In PSL, everyone is treated equally. We all earn on the same level. You earn based on the number of NEWBIES you refer and your own personal investment(s).
  13. In PSL, we value your trust and privacy and we will ensure your data is protected.
  14. Invest your funds with us as if its in your hands,we will increase it for you,invest not a little,for the harvest is plenty,none ever losses with PSL because God is our ROCK.