PSMCSL is a christian cooperative society with a ministry of reconciliation in the online world. It is ordained by God to liberate people from scams happening within online businesses. As concerning the security of your money, we are spiritually inclined as commanded by God to follow certain practices. As a result, direct deduction of tithes will be made on profit instalments before payments are made to the donors. This we believe gives PSMCSL spiritual coverage and enables PSMCSL to provide for the needy and less privileged.

YES PSMCSL is registered as a sister company to Possibility Specialists Global Resources, with registration number RC 1600153 on the 12th of April, 2018.

PSMCSL has been in business for almost 18years before it was registered April 2018.

In PSMCSL, money laundering is highly frowned at, as we are registered with EFCC and have a SCUML certificate guiding us from absorbing unexplainable deposits. Every month, we submit our reports to EFCC, due to our KYC policy all stakeholders must pass through. Any reported stakeholder engaging in any fraudulent act will be reported and arrested. PSMCSL is no ground for shady dealers, it is a Christian organization where corporate tithing on your profits alone is a must, deducted from the source. With the tithe, we take care of children between age 0 and 12 that are affected with cancer, we cater for a lot of orphanage homes, children with impaired problems, the poor and needy at large who need accommodation, food and clothing, including lots of charity tasks which we do not advertise, but choose to leave between God and PSMCSL.
PSMCSL is not an online investment company but an empowerment company with strategic ideologies to make all who partners with us financially free. It comprises of people with like minds, that believe in one another. We all know each other one on one, with virtual presence and verifiable service to man for the past 20 years in operation in our country Nigeria. All have one interest, which is to attain great projects together and make life worthy of living for one another from the result.
PSMCSL is a vision determined to correct all ills and distrust so rampant in our dear country, where truth is hard to find. It is founded by Egona Abraham from Delta State. He has proven records of money handlings with a lot of Nigerians and foreigners, both home and abroad, for too many years, with zero records of monetary disputes or police arrest for failing anyone on financial agreements and operations. PSMCSL is a ministry of reconciliation, empanelled with Union bank as an empowerment company, making life better for all Nigerians who care for rest of mind and to play the role of assisting our government in making life more comfortable for Nigerians.
Desist from Ponzi schemes, that in the name of investment, scam a lot of innocent Nigerians who entrust their hard-earned money on empty promises. These are some of the reasons Possibility Specialists is instituted to fight such bodies off our dear country by providing workable plans that may be slow but steady with no fraud intents and show the world that TRUTH can be available in Nigeria too.
Over the years, PSMCSL has affected thousands of Nigerians who will speak boldly for the company at any time. We have been tested, proven, and found worthy to feel the pain of humanity through centralizing of efforts together to achieve a common goal which is SUCCESS.

PSMCSL is run by Abraham Egona popularly known as FatherAbraham and other members of Management.

PSMCSL is a conglomerate with diversified empowerment portfolio consisting of food exportation, honey production, Forex and Cryptocurrency trading, skill acquisition and industrial consultancy.

YES, asides Naira, PSMCSL also accepts and trades with Dollars and Bitcoin.

The following criteria applies:
1) Donors must be 18 and above.
2) Minimum amount to donate is N100,000.
3) Register by creating a profile on the website. This includes creating a username, inputting your bank details and other necessary information required.
The following process applies:
1) Make deposit either through Vogue pay or directly into any of the PSMCSL accounts.
Account Name: Possibility Specialists Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
FCMB Bank: 7110989017
FIRST Bank: 2037660918
STERLNG Bank: 0081480541
ZENITH Bank: 1017491353
ACCESS Bank: 1456098445
2) Upload proof of payment under the ‘Upload Payment Proof’.
In addition, should you want to join any of the social media platforms, then send a contact message requesting for any of the social media link.

PSMCSL minimum Stake is N100,000 and N5,000,000 for now.

Return on Deposit (10%) are paid monthly.

The deposit tenure is 30 months from the date of fund confirmation.

The stake runs for 30 Months after which the contract ended.

PSMCSL unlike other schemes is into physical products and services such as food exportation, honey production. However, we encourage investors to reinvest for continuity of the business.

NO, PSMCSL is an Empowerment Company.

NO, whether you refer or not the 10% monthly payment for 30 months is sure.

No, PSMCSL does not offer any referral or bonus commission.

YES. Very secure.
PSMCSL is built on integrity, honesty and transparency by God fearing leadership.

YES. In fact, PSMCSL encourages multiple deposit as it provides for multiple earnings for donor.

YES. PSMCSL head office is situated in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.
PSMCSL also have Cordinators in various states and outside the country.
PSMCSL can be contacted through the following phone numbers:
+2348082208184 and +2348033679758.

YES, PSMCSL is very real so go ahead and donate with rest of mind.

  • After partnering with us for at least 6 months, we can facilitate your loan applications through Union bank, our major bank, but with condition to grow it for you through our trusted system without a guarantor or collateral.
  • Our offer includes transfer of ownership of your donation to your next of kin, in a case of death, which is inevitable by man. PSMCSL will continue to pay your NEXT OF KIN until your returns fades out. Wise ones who will like to co-own our global company with us must be ready to be transparent because we refuse criminals from joining us.


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You can also visit any of our offices after joining us through a veriable person